Are You Paying Attention?

It does not matter how you use your time. It is more about how you apply your attention. The more you believe time is in your control, the more you will feel out of control when things don’t happen at a specific time. The more you think your attention is what you can apply, the more you give yourself a chance to adapt and act to any situation happening.

Moreover, as you begin to apply your attention, you can realize time is in your control. Though not as a linear force confining you to past, present, and future. You can now see it as a multidimensional tool to help apply your attention to where you want it to be. Understand that your attention is always within the present. This means the past and the future you visualize in your head is continually being created within the present. Yes, that’s right. You are the creator of versions of what once was and what will be. In realizing this, you can begin to take control of the narrative that is you. By using your attention, use the elements of your life to create a past that can motivate you for a future filled with your highest visions. Though you do not get conflicted when what you create in your head does not match the reality shown. Remember, the more you can believe your attention is what you can apply, the more you give yourself a chance to adapt to the situation happening, and this time with your vision in mind.

Also, on the topic of adapting, the key to productivity is not time management, its energy management. And your energy is determined by what you put your attention towards internally and externally. Now here is an exercise you can do for yourself to help you apply your attention to what you want. Give a value to your attention, and make sure that value is per hour. Aim higher than usual because you know what your attention is actually worth more than those who want to recognize. Now, as you aim towards your vision, use your value to help make a decision towards it. Also, the game of short term vs. long term gratification is a myth. Both are tools to help bring your visions to life. So who decides whether to partake in action worth your valued attention or not?

You do.

And so I bet you are wondering why a guy like me, who has completed two bachelor’s degrees with thousands of dollars in debt to tag along, who has been living in the tiniest country of Africa for the last two years as a volunteer, and who has no job, equity, or any tangible results to validate what he has been saying, is talking about attention, management, and visions?

So, let me first thank you for making it this far. I promise the conclusion will tremble with you nicely.

So to answer my own hypothetical, over my 25 years I’ve been trying to prove myself in favor of approval, achievement, and accomplishment and no matter how I decided to let go of this idea it found me within every commitment I put myself into. And when I was seeking approval, achievement, and accomplishment or, the triple A’s as I will refer to it as now, I was always looking for the result to my endeavors. Because only at the end would I find the treasure trove that is the Triple A’s. Only then could my existence be validated by my surroundings.

And I hate to assume, but I am sure most of us suffer between the polarization of needing outward gratification vs. guilt of our mistakes made. That’s kind of what Facebook is for right? Come to gratify ourselves and share our enjoyments, sad or happy, to eviscerate any shame that we might be feeling.

Though as you are paying attention and stop getting anxious with what everyone else is doing, you begin to recognize the futileness of the triple A’s a form of validation. Maybe you will start to see it as going through a revolving door and being stuck there forever, always trying to figure out how to exit but too confused to try. Or maybe you will find it similar to an addict needing to be rehabilitated from its fix. Though I want to make this clear, the point of this post is not to condemn culture and society.

This is actually about a song.

You see we actually all get to play this song and we all get to play it together. We all have our own instruments. Some play specifically one. Others take on more. Though we all get choices to play what instruments we want when we decide to put our attention there. And when one of our members passes away, another one comes to fill their place. And as you put more attention to our song, you stop worrying about the end. Because who the hell listens to a song to get to the end. And as you play your part within, you begin to understand the nature of your attention. Its importance to keeping the rhythm of the song. And when you decide you want to change instruments, we all have to learn how to play together again. Though we are not worried about how the end will be. We are more excited about the creation ahead of us. And no, not all of the song sounds good but, instead of trying to make it sound to the way we like, we keep playing till we create a sound better, though, not through time…

Through our attention.

Anyway, whatever this means to you, don’t remember it. I was just playing my part of the song. It’s time for you to go play yours.



Just a guy trying to exercise his values to serve people to the best of his abilities and find a way to disrupt normal thought processes in everyday life.

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Vibushan Sivakumaran

Just a guy trying to exercise his values to serve people to the best of his abilities and find a way to disrupt normal thought processes in everyday life.