This post is not trying to be an endorsement or critique of either BU or Core. This post is asking the community to put aside their differences and come together to prevent an irreparable splinter.
A Fork in the Road
Vinny Lingham

In the paragraph above, you’ve said:

let’s accept that doing a Hard Fork right now is NOT in the best interest of Bitcoin and let’s please just adopt Segwit.

Now you are saying that you are neither endorsing, nor criticising BU or Core. I am sure you are well aware that it is Bitcoin Core’s desire to adopt Segwit at the expense of doing a hard fork (and BU wants the opposite). So you are endorsing Core at the expense of BU.

I don’t have any problems if you think Segwit is the way to go. I’m fine with differences of opinion. What I think is really shitty is that you are obviously biased for a particular position, yet claim that you’re acting in the best interest of Bitcoin. You are not.

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