I’ve always had a flair for the dramatic (age 8, wrapped in my Mum’s multi-coloured sarong, singing along to the entire Les Mis soundtrack. Full noise. Every. Single. Song).

So, when I went for a routine eye test a little over a week ago, I shouldn’t have been surprised that within one day I had a suspected tumour pressing on my optic nerve and I was banned from driving, and within three days I, in fact, had a rare, genetic disorder that means that the world is closing in around me (and can no longer drive during low light or…

Empowering female social entrepreneurs to eradicate extreme poverty

EHF Fellows Audrey Tan (second from right), and Laina Raveendran Greene (right), from the Angels of Impact team.

By focusing on ‘women as good investments’, Angels of Impact co-founder Laina Raveendran Greene aims to maximise the social impact of money to help end poverty. Angels of Impact has a dual mission that has taken the women across Southeast Asia: to change the way people look at poverty and to promote women as the principal change agents to end poverty.

Funding entrepreneurs in emerging economies to solve global problems

EHF Fellow Chris Fabian, Head of UNICEF Ventures

Diversity forges the strongest ecosystems in nature, and the same is often true for people. Diversity of experience has certainly been a strong shaper of Chris Fabian who brings a lifetime of exploration to his role as the head of UNICEF Ventures, inside the organisation’s Office of Innovation.

Why we need to be tracking love as avidly as we track share indices

Becoming a mother is an emergence into another world.

As a pregnant woman, I thought that nine months was a long time. As a new mother, time became irrelevant. There was the swirling vortex of labour, where time as I had previously understood it had no meaning at all — conscious thoughts only entered my head during moments of breath, like bellows blowing oxygen into a fire. There were the final moments of unfathomable pain during delivery, stretched into an eternity by their intensity, followed by an indescribable sense of release and finality. “Our baby is here”.

Then came the…

Taking indigenous methodologies to the world

EHF Fellow Kay-Maree Dunn

Edmund Hillary Fellow Kaye Maree-Dunn is addressing the challenge of how people have become so disconnected from each other, and the planet. She is the founder of Making Everything Achievable (MEA), an intentional social design company that is based on a commitment to kaupapa Māori (Māori customary practice) and holistic principles. MEA uses coaching, facilitation, technology, community development and business management to explore how we can create systemic change.

Kaye-Maree spoke about her plans for taking the MEA methodology to the world at the Edmund Hillary Fellowship’s (EHF) New Frontiers summit in Waiuku last year:

Other projects on the…

Building platforms to decentralise and localise space technology

EHF Fellow Rich Bodo

EHF Fellow Rich Bodo of Mountain View, California, grew up immersed in technical problem-solving from a young age. His imagination and experimentation took him from software development, to systems engineering, and eventually to the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF).

Rich is helping to launch SpaceBase, alongside fellow EHF Fellows Eric Dahlstrom and Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom, to support New Zealand’s burgeoning space industry.

The vision of SpaceBase is a world in which all people can participate in the space industry on an equal footing, in accordance with their aptitude and ambitions — a world in which space has been democratised. …

Using blockchain to solve the inefficiencies of the financial markets

The word ‘oracle’ is likely to put most of us in mind of darkened rooms, tarot cards and crystals, or priests and priestesses delivering divine messages in antiquity. It is less likely to conjure up ideas about inefficiencies in the financial market.

If Joey Krug is successful in his ventures, that will change.

Joey, an Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) Fellow in Cohort 2 of the programme, is passionate about opening up financial markets by improving their efficiency, and his mission is to use blockchain technology to achieve this through Augur, a platform for prediction markets that he co-founded. …

Using data to improve human rights

EHF Fellow Anne-Marie Brook of the Human Rights Measurement Initiative (HRMI)

Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) Fellow Anne-Marie Brook of the Human Rights Measurement Initiative (HRMI) grounds every aspect of her work in the lived realities of those existing under inhumane regimes.

“There are thousands of stories documented every year by human rights researchers around the world. Stories are incredibly powerful, they touch us at a really deep level, but alone they are not enough to bring about the change that we need.”
- Anne-Marie Brook

Recognising this, Anne-Marie and her team at HRMI (based out of Motu Economic and Public Policy Research in Wellington, New Zealand) are working to allow the…

Accelerating the development, adoption and access of digital medicines

EHF Fellow Andy Coravos (second from left) with some of the team at VisionSpring

Like many families around the world, Andy Coravos’ family spent their dinners together talking about their day and swapping interesting stories about work and school.

However, unlike many families, health care stories were the norm at the Coravos family table. While the family ate, Andy’s mother, a nurse at Boston Children’s Hospital, would recount surprising things that had happened during surgery the night before, and her father would talk about his ideas for expanding the dental practice he had started in the family’s hometown.

Reshaping logistics to reach the bottom billion

EHF Fellow Spencer Horne (second from left) and team at UNLEASH 2017 — the UN Sustainable Development Goals Idea Lab in Denmark

South Africa’s Population Registration Act of 1950 required that each inhabitant of South Africa be classified and registered per his or her racial characteristics. The Act aimed to enforce racial segregation, with ‘Whites’ at the top of the hierarchy, and interacted with other Acts, including the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act 1949, to prop up the racist and traumatising apartheid regime.

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