Adaptability — The driving force in the ever-changing work environment

Adaptability is defined as ability to adapt to a new condition or a new person. It is an indication of how we react to change.

Individuals have different ways of handling changes. This is greatly dependent of the attitude of the person involved. Some people accept and learn how to adapt to change. Others push back and fight to ensure that the change does not see the light of the day. However, it is always a good thing to embrace change and strive to adapt to it. This is because adaptability has a lot of advantages associated with it, namely:

· We work with people of diverse background. For friction-less working environment, we need to be able to adapt to accommodate every on around us.

· Being able to adapt facilitates team integration, as every team member easily interfaces with others.

· Adaptability helps us to learn new experience — adapting to incorporate other people gives you opportunity to learn from their experiences.

· Finally adaptability helps you to become an agent of change.

Fostering Adaptability

From the above, the importance of adaptability cannot be overemphasized. Hence, it is important that we know how to foster adaptability. A few of these are enumerated here:

· We should have open minds. This enables us accept people around us easily.

· We should be emotionally agile — easily changing emotionally to accommodate people with dissimilar background.

· We should also ask a lot of equations so as to be in the picture as to why change is introduced.

· We should also seek support when in need, and willingly give support to those in need.

Sound as the principle of adaptability is, it is not without some obstacles. The major limitations to adaptability are:

· Lack of information.

· Lack of support system to help the team understand the change.


From the foregoing, it is important that for the success of a working environment and to strengthen team spirit, adaptability is inevitable. Irrespective of the limitations to adaptability, we should still strive to adapt to different people and changing environment.

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