My Experience In Bootcamp So Far

Wow! How time flies, they say, especially when you are catching fun. The experience can best be described as challenging and exhilarating. What started as system set up and registration on various important sites, has blossomed into full-fledged experience-gathering and application of new knowledge gained.


This started on Tuesday 23rd October 2017, following the comprehensive mail from Victoria, a Bootcamp Facilitator. During this period I studied a lot of materials that imparted greatly on my software development knowledge. The materials range from on-line blog posts and tutorials to Andela in-house videos. During the period I also completed the task on the design of templates for the Bootcamp project — More-Recipes. In the process of designing the templates I learnt a lot of concepts, particularly Bootstrap version 4.

The First day On site

This was Monday, 2rd October 2017. The day began with a session with Bootcamp facilitators. This was followed by review by our BFA. Verbal feedback was given by the BFA. There were materials to learn. Each one was helpful in completing the task of the day. The expected output included a blog post on and a JavaScript function (Raindrops) which returns a string depending on the input number.

The Sweet Experience

The video links and presentation from facilitators and BFAs have been of immense assistance. I have been introduced to a number of concept I did not know before. The team spirit is second to none and the facilitators/BFAs are really wonderful, ever ready to assist.

The environment is also of immense help. Having uninterrupted availability of power and fast internet access greatly reduced challenges I would have faced. State of the art tools for project management — trello, PivotTracker, Github, Slack etc — have greatly simplified collaboration, planning, version control and project management.

The Challenges

Sweet as the experience has been, it is not without some challenges. Top among these is grappling with learning and applying many new concept within a short time. Within these few days I have learnt to use the above-mentioned technologies. I have also had to brush up on ES6 and node api testing. At the same time, I have had to submit the daily outputs and work on the Bootcamp project.

There is no gainsay that Andela Bootcamp has affected my software development life positively. I look forward eagerly to gaining much more in the next few days, even as I continue the journey to becoming a world-class developer.