My Experience In Bootcamp So Far — II

This is a continuation of an earlier post on this same topic. As stated in the first part of the blog, the experience is both exhilarating and demanding.

The work continued on Wednesday, with the daily routine of completing some daily outputs. This is in addition to working on the Bootcamp project. The pressure has however piled up even more, no thanks to the two-day public holidays that fell within the Bootcamp period.

The challenge meant for week two had the duration shortened. The deadline was brought down to Thursday, instead of Friday. In addition, the week two actually commenced on Tuesday.

Wednesday saw in-depth work on the Bootcamp project, with research and LFA assistance. The team spirit and contribution by everyone present made it all fun. In all, every single moment is crucial as I continued learning new concepts.

In conclusion the Andela Bootcamp experience is better described as second to none.