18 Fun APIs For Your Next Project

Ever wanted to make something cool for the web and learn how to use APIs at the same time, but don’t know where to start? 🧐 Here are some interesting APIs that will help you along!

Chuck Norris Facts — a fan of Chuck Norris? This one is for you.

A fan of Chuck Norris? This one is for you.

All the Pokémon data you’ll ever need!

Maybe an app tracking the ISS is what you need in your portfolio!

Create the ultimate Star Wars project for your portfolio!

Display your favourite lyrics on your website!

Want to learn interesting facts about numbers? Here’s an API for you!

Fan of languages like Dothraki, Klingon or Minion? Translate English to these languages and many more!

Beer, beer and more beer!

Interested in photos from Mars? Check out this Mars Rover Photos API from NASA!

Incorporate country information anywhere!

Ever wonder what Donald Trump thinks about something? This API can help.

Want to access the NASA Image and Video Library, display Mars rover photos or listen to sounds from space? NASA got you covered!

Maybe it’s time for you to build your own trivia app? Look no further.

The ultimate comic API from marvel

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’d love an API dedicated to facts about cats! 🐱

Help someone out by making a website to discover new animes.

For anyone who loves tacos 🌮

Create an advice generator app with this API.

The world’s biggest comic API, the possibilities are endless!

An API dedicated to anime information.

Couldn’t find something you fancied?

Check out API List Fun or ProgrammableWeb’s API directory for even more APIs!

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