The Endless Loop

Have you ever felt like you are stuck in an endless loop in life? Where you do the same thing every week and you feel like you are not going anywhere? Well guess what, you are not alone. I bet there are many many people out there that are going through the same situation as you but you may or may not know because they put on a fake front to seem like everything is just fine with them. Well I am one of those people. I look like I am living my best life when I post on any social networks. I have touched on this subject like once or twice but nothing too serious. I have pushed this topic to the side many times but it is time to get this out.

“You got this Vic, keep working hard and keep your head in the books” — My Supporters

I have heard this probably ten million times and I thank each and everyone of you guys who have been there for me and supporting me through this part in my life. But should I keep putting myself through this when I am not happy or satisfied with what I am doing? Here’s how my week goes on average: Sunday I work, Monday through Thursday I go to class in the morning then go to work, and finish up the week by working long shifts both Friday and Saturday. I get tired of working on the weekends. Why? When are most family events? THE WEEKEND. I cannot always get off the weekends because I need those days to make money to pay bills and I cannot swap any days during the week because of classes. So I end up missing an event, then another event, then another event. It gets old after awhile. Family is extremely important to me. I would love to have a life outside of this endless loop that I am currently in. The main culprit to this loop is school.

Do we really need to go to college? I do know some of you will say yes then there are others that would say no. I get it, college is not for everyone. But it also seems like you cannot really get that far without either college or luck. I took the path of going to college. I have had my ups and downs that have delayed me from graduating. Which in turn, keeps me in the endless loop. I have been struggling with school because of worrying about outside issues like work, money, and family & friend issues. So one issue always effects the other part of the loop. College is a great concept, you get to learn about subjects you did not know exist or learn more about topics you know a little about. It can also prepare you for the real world. BUT, do we need it. Isn’t it curious how the previous generations, they were lucky to go to college, or it was not the norm? And those people went on to live a successful and mostly happy life. You could potential just work hard and find something you enjoy doing as a career that could lead to making a surplus of income. As stated in an article from Forbes written by Erika Anderson:

“A college degree doesn’t guarantee success, and not getting a college degree doesn’t guarantee failure.”

Which is why I repeatedly ask, do we really need to go to college? There are always other paths that can be chosen and that is why I always question my self, did I chose the right path for me. I will never know that answer now, I may not know it later, but I will definitely get through this like everyone has said.

This first blog I wanted to establish that I am a real person, I go through problems, I am personable. I am here to touch on many topics no matter how serious or funny they might be, I want to connect to my audience and show them that they are not alone. I want to be able to help and guide my audience as I am very knowledgeable and wise even at this very young age. Do not be afraid to reach out to me. Hope to hear from everyone soon. So I just want to thank everyone in advance in helping me through this long journey of blogging and helping others.

— Vic Brubacher