Don’t Worry About It

Becuase it probably has nothing to do with you being happy or doing what you need to do for yourself in order to get ahead.

I’ve been trying my hardest not to dwell on things that I can’t control. I can’t control someone still being mad at me for something I apologized for and promised it wouldn’t happen again. I can’t control how other people act and what they do. I can’t control the mindsets of others in order to get them to see things how I see or where I am coming from. I can’t stop people from doing things I don’t like…I can’t do it…not everyone thinks how I think so it would be a waste of time trying to make things right with someone who doesn’t want to fix things.

I tell my friend Kenny about a lot of situations I end up in and after Im finished explaining and discussing it with her she always tell me the same thing…don’t worry about it.

There’s nothing I can do after I’ve done all I can. Anything more would be me worrying about it and she told me not to worry about it…so I can’t worry about it. I gotta forget about it, know I did the right thing and move on. Dwelling on things you cannot control is a downfall that’ll have you stuck…mentally and emotionally. Once you allow yourself to get over things that don’t move you in a positive direction and people who don’t want to be in your life…you’ll feel 10x better about how you are as a person, your head will be on straight and there won’t be anything or anyone preventing you from feeling some type of way…I’ve made that move for myself and I feel 10x better, my head is on straight and I’m not feeling any kind of way…i’m cool now.

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