Get Smart — Part 1

“Get Smart” …that seems self explanatory but it’s not that easy. This book by Brian Tracy explains how to think and act like the most successful and highest-paid people in every field…#Goals #OrNah ?…I think so.

I’ve only read the first chapter which is why this is titled ‘part 1’ and so far reading, there is a lot more to life that one can unleash just by thinking SMARTER not HARDER. You thinking hard will make things more difficult than they really are when honestly it’s probably not that serious.

So, Napoleon Hill, another author, interviewed more than 500 of the wealthiest self-made multimillionaires in America he found that they all had in common one thing — they all developed the habit of always seeking the valuable lesson in every setback or difficulty. Most of their fortunes resulted in them applying the lessons they had learned through failure and hardship to developing breakthrough products and services that eventually made them rich; without the TEMPORARY failures and life lessons, they would still be working for wages…

Think about the biggest problem you are facing today; image that it was sent to you as a gift to teach you something. Then, ask yourself what’s the lesson that can be learned from the situation that can help to make you happier and more successful in the future? Your biggest problem isn’t necessarily a problem, its an opportunity. If you voluntarily give yourself a second chance, don’t mess it up…again.

“Failure is merely an opportunity to more intelligently begin again” — Henry Ford
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