Overthinking Is My Talent

I can’t help it though, well at least I don’t think I can. The thoughts are inevitable so it’s impossible for my mind to just relax and go with the flow because I’m such an eager person.

My next problem: I don’t know if I can stop being eager. I mean, even though I know I should just let stuff happen, my mind just says something completely different and I don’t know why. It’s like I have to know what’s going to happen, I must know how this or that might play out because I like being prepared. If it’s something I can prevent from happening, that is of course If it’s something bad, my mind wants to do everything it can to stop whatever it is from happening. That’s just my instinct.

When it comes to overthinking, I just don’t trust people enough to allow my mind to ease up. I try to be calm and not think about the “what if’s” and the (not necessarily negative) “maybe’s”, but my gut feeling has never failed me…honestly. This only happens when someone new is in my life. Basically, new thoughts, new feelings, new activities, everything is new but the lack of trust isn’t new. It may not even necessarily be lack of trust, because the person never gave me a reason not to trust them (at least I don’t think so), it’s just me protecting myself from those who are no good. I wouldn’t know they’re no good until I begin to overthink the norm…

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