Personal Opinion: There’s No Point

I’ve never liked expressing my feelings to people. Not because I’m scared to or afraid of rejection, but because I don’t see the point. That may sound bad but I know myself enough to where I am always the person to either have more feelings, put in more effort, have a different mindset or is “too willing”.

Yes, granted we all have business to handle, plans to execute and goals to achieve but I’ve never been the person to make excuses for my feelings. For that reason alone is why I don’t express them to people, because no matter what the situation or circumstance is, unless something bad were to happen in order to change my feelings, they aren’t going to change. I guess that’s just me being an effortful and consistent person. Effort and consistence — the two most important things when it comes to me entertaining people and keeping them around. If you aren’t doing either or, or don’t plan on doing both…what are you doing?

Expressing your feelings is equivalent to shooting your shot. Either you miss, make it or someone catches your rebound. Either way you just took a chance. You are either in the right position to make it or you aren’t, if you aren’t then you just took an L. If you are, congrats, you made a good decision.

The main reason I keep my feelings to myself is because I don’t want to take that chance of shooting my shot having prior knowledge to the position that I stand in. If I know my place before hand, analyzed and considered everything that’s in play, why try to shoot that shot? Lol, there’s no point. Maybe I am over analyzing things but if I don’t then I’m making frivolous decisions…and why would I do that, especially if I know what’s going to happen? Then I think to myself, ‘do I really know what’s going to happen or am I just assuming that it will happen the way I’m thinking?’. Personally, I have a better chance at keeping things to myself until I’m in that position to take risks. Why play myself ?…

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