Stop …

It’s not worth the stress…well maybe its not stress. It’s just me overthinking about things that don’t need to be overly thought about, you know.

It’s like I try to let things go and allow my days to progress smoothly, but it’s hard when that something was actually worth my while, important, fun and memorable. Most certainly not saying I need to stop thinking about those memories but the big picture behind it is what I need to stop thinking about…says my conscious.

My mind won’t ever relax. I know myself too well in order to relax. I can never just let things be or let it happen — never. Smh.

I just feel like if something is there, it’s there for a reason. God doesn’t present things just because, He always has a plan, idea, or a motive. Facts.

I honestly don’t even know what I am trying to say right now but all I know is that I need to stop doing what Im doing because it’s getting me…this, nowhere. It’s literally a brick wall. I’m not going to hurt myself attempting to get past a brick wall. The reciprocity of the actions are not there so I need to fall back and stop. I hate that things don’t happen over night LOL. I’d be in much better place if I was, as you say, “mentally prepared”…but I wasn’t because I chose not to be — my fault, so I’m just now progressing towards that point.

To better the situation, I’m just going to stop…not that you’d want me to keep doing what I was doing before…i’m hip, it’s cool. I’ll stop.

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