This is how Vevue can revolutionize brand ambassadors and influencer’s business forever.

Victor Delgado
Oct 19 · 6 min read

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In recent years, the massive issuance of videos on YouTube created the currently famous «influencer» who has been increasingly having a web presence in all sectors. Therefore, in this article I will explain how the life of influencers will improve a lot with the future best video platform, Vevue.

Evolution of influencers

The word influencer has been used at the time of the world wide web as a marketing strategy in which a person or group of people produces videos to «influence» the decision to purchase a certain product and service to a big audience.

Of course, this would not have been possible without the existence of video platforms such as YouTube, which allows the great opportunity of this type of freelancer’s income. Benefited companies usually pay influencers in two ways:

1) With products: This kind of payment normally happen when the influencer is starting in the business and doesn’t have a strong negotiation power.

2) With money: This is the normal payment method which influencers normally get their income, but normally they have to pass through the first option first.

So that companies decide to bet on an influencer to promote their product or service, there is a previous market study in which they analyze: strength of personal brand, number of followers, reach of publications, level of interaction with their followers, etc.

Brand Ambassadors vs Influencers

Nowadays, the marketing sector has changed a lot since social media has arrived to our lives. brand ambassadors and influencers were invented as a way to humanize brand’s values to make a huge impact in consumer’s behavior.

Therefore, let’s take a look at how brand ambassadors has evolved in this three types:

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In the other hand, let’s see the difference of influence’s concept:

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As you can see, the main difference is that ambassadors create their online content from an outdoor activity (sports, movies, music, etc); while freelancers create online content based on recommending products/services they’ve already used from companies that are in their same niche.

What problems do influencers face?

There are certain problems that influencers are finding:


Nowadays, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that must state when they have a contract with a company.

In the other hand, FTC wants to make sure that the potencial costumbres that is watching a influencer on Ínternet can be conscious that is basically an advertising.

Paying Taxes

Now that influencers marketing is positioning so much in a short time, governments already consider this activity as a job, so let’s see The first country which influencers are already charging taxes:

  • USA: Influencers are independent contractors, not employees. The IRS makes the distinction between employee and independent contractor by looking at the financial and behavioral relationship between the two parties. Since the companies do not dictate how or when influencers should complete a job, nor do they provide the equipment needed to carry out posting of their products, they usually fall under the independent contractor status. This is important because as an independent contractor, you are considered self-employed. See more here.

Continuing this trend, there are certain European countries that are going to start including influencers within their legal tax framework

Privacy’s issues

The Facebook privacy issue is a great example of a problem that affected pretty much all of us and even more in the influencer’s world because they are very exposed to be victims of information theft and digital identity which directly affects their business.

Just to put one example of this, here you can see how unscrupulous people posing as recognized influencers want to steal from you.

Undervalued income

The influencers’ gasoline is audiovisual digital content (videos made by themselves shared in social networks) which is created massively day by day.

I know you must be thinking that influencer’s earn a lot of money but that reality only belong to a few of them. Let’s see how the market works:

Influencers with up to 1 million followers can get $10,000 [per post], depending on the platform, and 1 million followers and up, you’re getting into territory where they can charge $100,000. Some can even get $250,000 for a post! Especially if the content is on Youtube and the influencer is in the gaming industry. See more here.

Apart from that, the vast majority of influencers worldwide (who don’t have 1 million followers) could earn more money if the different social media platforms could give them a higher monetize rate for their videos, but they will never do it because the social media industry is a monopoly right now.

Vevue can improve influencer’s business forever.

Starting from these problems, it was absolutely necessary that serious alternatives appear that propose innovative technologies which can compete with the social media giants.

That is how Vevue was born at the end of 2017. This innovative startup is based on blockchain technology which wants to democratize influencer’s payments for their videos, by giving them tokens quickly and safely anywhere in the world.

Vevue’s benefits for influencers

Blockchain technology brings very important benefits for everybody who wants to use Vevue, let’s take a look at them:

1) Transparency

The transparency of a blockchain stems from the fact that the holdings and transactions of each public address are open to viewing.

This level of transparency has not existed within financial systems before, especially in regards to large businesses, and adds a degree of accountability that has not existed to date. See more here.

2) Security of information and Ownership

Blockchain technology works by using a decentralized ledger system. This ledger is not isolated to one primary server or central ledger, such as in the case with a traditional banking system. Instead, the ledger is shared among a variety of computers, thousands or millions depending on the type of blockchain. This creates a system that is decentralized.

When using a decentralized ledger, it can expedite the verification process because it removes intermediaries. For instance, a bank transaction would not be verified until it goes through the Federal Treasury on the current centralized system. However, blockchain technology speeds up this process by verifying transactions cryptographically. Data ownership can be put back into the hands of the consumer when blockchain technology is used to speed up the process of verifying the identity of third parties. Consumers can be given a choice to select, for each piece of data that they create, whether or not they want to allow third-parties to have their information and verify if they are authentic. In addition, they can get paid for it. You can see more here.

Here you can see a video about how Vevue’s technology works:

3) Currency’s inflation

Influencer’s around the world works with the currency of their countries, which means that they have to pay for economy’s problems (inflation, low currency value, etc).

This make a direct effect on the budget they negociate with their national or internacional clients.

Vevue has implement a very interesting concept they’ve created: a token (VEVUE or VUE token) that functions just like dollars or cents or yuan. It’s all currency, whatever form it may be. Using Vevue’s token and the other technologies of the blockchain, their platform can empower you:

- You are able to hold something that verifies you are the rightful owner of your videos

- When someone pays to watch your content you can 100% of the payment.

- If you want to make money (or collect tokens) you have the opportunity to answer others’ requests or have the technology provide you with options.

This token is called Vpay (Pegged to US $0.01) and is the payment method for all transactions & engagements.

With Vpay, influencers can:

- Set their own paywall price

- Split revenue with collaborators, and instantly receive payments in Vpay once viewers engage with your content.

- They can also earn additional Vpay for fulfilling peer-to-peer requests, for receiving up and downvotes, and for sponsorships and cheers.

To bootstrap the network, Vpay tokens are awarded to all new enrolled users including those in the referral program. The Vpay tokens are purchased via an Ethereum-based stable coin, USDC.


Vevue will definitely add the value every influencer need since the first day and will give the economic retribution they deserve for their work.

This innovate platform has a special treatment for influencers where they have certain benefits (sign up here) which can strengthen the relationship with their followers and make their personal brand better.

Finally, I hope this kind of iniciative can really go massive in the short term because we all deserve this.

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