Why We Don’t Tell Our Kids How We Vote
Victoria Dougherty

KY, the two oldest have read and studied the Declaration of Independence and have read the Preamble to the Constitution and studied at least parts of the Constitution. But to answer your question, we didn’t introduce politics into the family dinner table conversation — they did. So we had to make a decision. Politics, in our current cultural climate is inescapable. It’s talked about at school, on social media and, believe it or not, at sleep-over birthday parties. When I was growing up, kids didn’t talk about politics much, I suspect, because it was still considered bad manners to do so. Religion and politics were not supposed to be discussed in polite company. That’s changed, so yes, when they bring it up — and we’ve let them drive this process entirely — we address it. We try to bring the same rigor to other topics — literature, science, math, the Kardashians etc., too. What can I say? We’re big talkers at our house :)