Fly Like A Bird With Limit

Have you ever dreamt of flying? As in be one of the birds and look the world from above, just like superheroes? Flying without superpowers is possible but then just like superheroes, there are villains who will deprive you from flying.

Around April 2016, there’s a video that went viral that talks about a hover board that can fly. Many people didn’t believe in this video. They said the video was edited and intended to fool people, but then, one of the bloggers of The Verge was contacted by Franky Zapata, the known inventor of the “Flying Hoverboard”, to discuss the flying hoverboard. Director Franky Zapata explained to Sean O’Kane how it works and what he wants to do with it. Franky Zapata has left the world shocked by revealing his jet powered hoverboard that can travel at 93mph and 10,000 ft. high, and only have 10 minutes of fuel. People have left in awe because of this new invention.

This invention is awesome and the coolest invention so far for this time, and yet France didn’t like it. They banned Director Franky from flying his invention in France. This topic has become a sparking debate over the country’s policies on innovation.

Last March 10, 2017, Franky Zapata, the founder of the company “Zapata”, posted on Facebook saying that there is “strong probability that the Flyboard Air will never fly again in France,” after the officials from the French air gendarmerie told him he would be placed under criminal investigation if he continued to pilot the craft. Zapata also added that he will leave France to continue doing his work.

Zapata posted something written in France Language like, “That is how innovators are treated in our country, I leave you imagine my disgust after having produced more than 10,000 ‘made in France’ Flyboards.”

“Honestly I am very sad, I love my country, I am French in my heart,in my culture, and in my soul. But my passion and my need for freedom win out.” He added on his Facebook.

The supporters of this new item told their disappointments to France for banning Franky to use his own invention; they even created a petition to support Franky Zapata. The petition has gained more than 15,000 signatures in just three days.

Zapata hasn’t made it clear whether he will relocate his business, but the deal between his firm and Implant Science, has been called off because of the issue.

The officials from France has defended their side, you can read it here [].

We all dream about flying in the sky like a bird, but sometimes there are limitations even in flying. I don’t think the Government is the villain in this story, they’re just trying to be parent to their citizens.