Flash was the future.
Craig Swann

Even before I knew I would become UX Designer, I used Flash as an interface experimentation tool. I think we all owe it the fact that it has allowed a whole bunch of us, non programmers, the way to discover and create new ways of interaction.

I remember the early days when each new HTML5 novelty was just a catch up of what Flash could do (animation, transitions, morphing, typography…)

I personnaly think Flash had become a bloated , slow, resource hungry elephant, uncapable of keep up with the new interactive medias, prone to security holes, and, above all, a proprietary, non open technology.

Fortunately, a legion of young, creative people has taken over and improved successfully everything Flash started. Thanks to the open standards, we have now not only one (Flash) tool but hundreds of them to choose for experimenting new ways of digital interaction.

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