Why you don’t answer me?

In games we often interact with other players. It is not different in the Lies of Astaroth (iOS / Android). For example, you can send and receive energy through your friends list.

Probably not until a recent update, the game didn’t allow you to send messages to players that were offline. It is better now, but still not good enough. Let me show you.

These are the steps to send a message to a friend:

  1. Tap on “Social” button.
  2. Tap on “Friends” button.
  3. Scroll to the specific friend.
  4. Tap on his/her name.
  5. Tap on “Private” button.
  6. The chat appears showing me that I will send a private message.
    to [Initials of friends player name]:__________[return button]
  7. Type a long message about ‘some new card’ or something else.
  8. Tap the return button.

Message sent. I wait some minutes and no answer. I wait a few more and yet no answer. Why? My friend was offline.

Right now, there just this small clue in the chat that my friend is offline, but only AFTER I send the message: “~”. When this character appears before your message, it means that your friend is offline. Very clear, isn’t it? Not.

Character showing that barnie is offline
Mr. Green was online. No ~ before the message

To make it worse, there was no communication from the game about being able to sent offline messages and, of course, no communication about a “~” indicating that your message has been sent to an offline friend.

In a recent update, players became able to live battle each other (controlling the cards and not in auto mode as it used to be). But, there is no clue in the game showing your friends’ status in your problematic friend’s list. Not a single green light or word indicating that you friend is online. If you want to battle, you have to ask in the game chat who want to battle and hope to one of your friends read it. Or use a chat app for that like Line or KakaoTalk.

When I play LoA, I want to play with cards, not guessing games.

Until next time.

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