Day 0

Veni Vidi Vici

A month of vices and virtues

This November 2014, I will participate in No Nothing November, a self-discipline challenge held by /r/TheRedPill and I will rid three vices that are holding me back in life.

At the end of November, I will be able to say “Veni, vidi, vici”:

I came, I saw, I conquered.

Vices (things to stop doing):

  • Half-ass working out and staying healthy. I’ve been inconsistent with my gym routine and diet protocol for the past two years. This stops now.
  • Underachieve and go through days without a to do list or organizational system.
  • Smoke weed. It makes me weak, socially inept, content with laziness, uncompetitive. Pretty much turns me into a beta.

Virtues (things to do):

  • There are three components to physical fitness.




These are all held together by a fourth element: consistency. I must not deviate from my routine.

  1. Exercise: Since I am not a beginner at lifting, I will do an intermediate routine called PHAT. It features a five day split that combines strength training and hypertrophy training.
  2. Diet: I need to determine my calorie and macronutrient needs, at the minimum. (After I have these down, I can add micronutrients and supplements such as fish oil and creatine, as needed.) I then need to come up with foods that match these requirements and fit with my busy schedule. Due to social reasons and to be realistic, I will allow myself one cheat meal (dinner with friends) per week, no more.
  3. Sleep: 9–10 hours. This will be a tough one because it requires everything else in my life to be in check. If I slack off in any part of my life, then I will have to work into the night and lose sleep. Not good. Which brings me to the next virtue…
  • I need an organizational system to stick to and to encourage my productivity. I am looking into the GTD (Getting Things Done) system by David Allen. I’m using this as a quick set up guide: . However, I’ve also acquired the book and will read it by the end of the first week of November (8th).
  • I need to find a way to get my weed stash away from me or make it otherwise inaccessible. I don’t want to throw it away since shit’s expensive. However, I mainly use a vape, which requires special batteries. I will store the batteries in an inaccessible place and remove my ability to use the vape. However, I need to identify why I need to get high in the first place and replace that act with something else that will fill the “void”. I’m banking on working out and staying healthy being enough, but if not, my back up plan is to make more time and plans for friends who aren’t stoners.

There’s the general plan. Tomorrow, on Day 1: November 1, I will do the following:

  • Purchase a gym membership
  • Determine my calorie and macronutrient requirements
  • Plan a weekly diet
  • Plan the weekly lifting routine: M T Th F S
  • Take my “before” pictures and gather baseline data (starting weight, size measurements of body parts)
  • Read 1/8 of GTD
  • Set up the GTD system in Evernote and beginning using it for my tasks that day
  • Set up my Google calendar to use it with the GTD system
  • Hide my vape batteries


    Veni Vidi Vici

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    A month of vices and virtues

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