Ah what is it again?

Today I was wondering whether it is the right time to ponder a career move. Things are ok and not ok at the same time at work. I was thinking whether I am in the right place and I am doing all the right things. Because I work in an open plan office, I could over hear bits and pieces of my friends’ conversation with a candidate looking to join my team as a developer. I wish them all well hoping they would find that they are looking for in each other.

Last time I checked my badge still works and my business card still says “Developer” on it. At times I still couldn’t believe that I was not dreaming.

We had a big meal at Manee Mee More for lunch and For early dinner I had a bacon and chive scone and macchiato at Au Bon Pain near work. I ponder whether I would have a new place to write about today. I have been walking pass Rec. Vinyl & Cafe multiple times per week but I had either walked pass it or stoped to admire with awe and curiorsity: Eh what is it ? is it a bar or is it a cafe ? I would say both.

Rec. is tucked away in a row of shop houses opposite Union Mall and behind these houses are Saint John’s Church and Saint John’s University. It is right around the corner from the venerable Pathé on Phahonyotin Road.

I felt like by wacking open my laptop, I had violated sanctity of this place. Rec serves both bar and cafe menus in the evening. I order iced peach tea and it comes in a small jug. I wish that I order Long Island Iced Tea instead but I do have a whole weekend ahead of me. The peach tea is sweet, delicious and flavorful.

It is certainly a welcomed break from bitter coffees that I have been drinking to sustain my tired body coupled that eccletic selection of music Rec. is a place that is tending to your soul with funks. The music is suitably loud enough for patrons to enjoy the tunes but not enough to drown out conversations. With a little help from Siri I found out a couple of tunes being piped through the speakers:

Deodato — September 13

Dennis Coffey — Android

I would definitely return to this place and perhaps might order something stronger next time. It would a place that I would be happy to visit on the week nights just to enjoy being in this place and to listen to the music.