Something Uniquely Thai | มานี มี หม้อ | Manee Mee More

Manee Mee More | มานี มี หม้อ is a small chain of family run hot pot eateries based in Bangkok. The name, Manee came from one of narrators of a series of stories contained within elementary school work books in Thailand, which has since been retired from the curriculum. The stories were set within a rural small agricultural town somewhere in Thailand.

Whether it was a state-run school or a private academy, Manee would be there accompanying almost every child in Thailand all through the elementary school. The books were at one points accused of being simplistic and ill-equipped for dealing with complex issues in the society like abject poverty, income inequality and ethnic and religious diversity. Stories of Manee continue to remind readers of simpler days of their childhood. I would not call this book a failure since it had helped producing generations of readers and writers in Thailand.

Manee Mee More outlets were decorated with characters from the stories and simple furnitures like school chairs. The menu consists of pork, beef, poultry, and seafood. The stock selections available were chicken broth and chicken broth and brandy. Waiting staff wear scout and guide uniforms, white blouse or shirt resembling Thai school uniforms.

Manee Mee More does not take itself too seriously in addition to raw ingredients like vegetables and meat mentioned earlier there are some prepared dishes for cooking in the pot like Ms Pailin’ mackerels, Penangnese noodles and Line-caught maguro tuna. Nobody knows for certain what had happened to Manee once she finished elementary school and but Manee Mee More irreverently continues the stories of Manee into modern day’s Thailand. An afternoon at Manee’s is almost like we were invited to a reunion party with Manee acting as a hostess and a chef, while we provide the entertainment by recounting our stories and daily grinds and wears of city life and would certainly be perplexing to a kind of a childhood like Manee and her friends had lived.