To Chiang Mai with Love

I began this weekend away like most strung out city dwellers, at their office, pondering whether the trip would be “worth it”. Three day long weekends are not that uncommon in Thailand and if I didn’t have a prior commitment to come to Chiang Mai to teach for Code Camp <<Episode One>>, I would possibly be spending an extra day of weekend convalescing either at home or in a cafe bar some where.

Code Camp <<Episode 1>> at Punspace

A few weekends back I went to GalleryDripCoffee. I have been friends with the barristas and owners of these cafes for sometimes. I complained to a couple of the them that I had been eating same kind of dinner over and over for the past six months. So they told me to do something about it and challenged me to find something different to eat every evening in as many different neighborhoods as possible for the month of May.

Behide Thapae Gate

I thought the first day of this challenge would be easily accomplished but it was easier said than done. With a few hours to spare before my flight back to Big Mango. Since I spent 10 days in Chiang Mai almost a year ago, there are quite a few places I would like to eat again like May Kaidee on Old Chang Moi Road near Thapae Gate and Rattana’s on Thapae Road. Promise is a promise and I intend to keep it.

Lot No. KM 112 Anusarn Market Chiang Mai

I walked into Anusarn Market with little hope that I would find anythings but I managed to find this nameless place that sells, Thai Food. It was ran by a friendly old lady. Since I don’t usually eat instant noodles stir fried, so I thought it was time it I try again. I opted for Seafood Mama. After a few minutes the menu was promptly served. It was a bit spicy and complex and rich in taste and overall it was a comforting simple meal.

Blogging and Chowing and Meditating on Instant Noodle and Sea Food.

So on the way out to call an Uber to the airport I realized that I had to pick up souvenirs for my colleagues, I found this Gelato Stand next to a craft shop. So this is a sweet end to my weekend in Chiang Mai

Until next time…. So long.

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