Last week, I had the great opportunity to join the Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration as a note-taker volunteer. Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration (vGHC) is the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. The goal is for attendees to learn, network, and be inspired as we work together to achieve intersectional gender and pay parity in tech.

I was impressed with the focus on empowering women leaders in tech throughout the sessions. It’s important for us to remember that we belong wherever we go despite being outnumbered. As women in tech, we always have something unique to offer at the table. …

A panoramic view inside one of Microsoft’s office buildings
A panoramic view inside one of Microsoft’s office buildings
An office building at Microsoft

I joined Microsoft last year after the 4th of July weekend. It was a big change for me coming from a start-up to this huge organization. My perception of what it means to be a designer has evolved to a much bigger set of responsibilities.

Looking back, I never would’ve imagined that I would be spending most of my days working from my dining table at home. It’s been a big year of change and a challenging one. Here are some of the most important lessons that I learned during this past year.

1. Fight for the right process

Design Day is a day of community and training dedicated to the design-minded at Microsoft. The goal is to bring design teams together to share experiences, strategies, and superpowers to translate our creative talent into success stories. It was held at the Meydenbaeur Conference center, about a 10 minutes drive from the main Microsoft campus in Redmond.

This year’s theme, “Open for business”, is all about design having a seat at the table.

What will you do with your seat at the table?

This is my first time trying out a diary style blog. I hope this provides more insight as to how I felt and what I was thinking throughout the whole experience.

Note: I will not get into the specifics of the questions asked during the interview, so please do not ask. I respect the NDA and it’s only fair for us all.

A timeline of my interview experience with Microsoft. Icons: Freepik

Tue. April 2— First contact

One day, a friend reached out to me regarding a position at Microsoft and asked if I would be interested. They were looking for someone to fill her position.

After asking her about the role, it seems to…

Earlier in January, I was invited by Mind Apivessa and Marisa Chentakul to be a guest on their upcoming design podcast — Design Picnic. This is my first time being on a podcast, and I was very honored take part in this initiative.

Mind Apivessa and Marisa Chentakul co-host the Design Picnic podcast

Design Picnic is a podcast series on UX / Product design, featuring Thai designers across various industries from around the globe, to provide high-quality resources for the aspiring designers in Thailand.

[Thai] Design Picnic Episode 3: Vichita Jienjitlert and the Importance of Storytelling

This episode features Vi (Vichita Jienjitlert) — A UX designer who believes that storytelling…

UX Thailand is a two-day conference for people who build world-class product. The theme for this year is “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants” — taking attendees on a journey through stories from giant design leaders from around the world.

The conference itself was designed using an agile process and I’m impressed with the organizer’s attention to detail in facilitating the Thai-English language barrier. Translation headphones with live interpreters are available for those who needed assistance. Questions to speakers are asked anonymously using Slido, where staff provides translation if the questions were asked in Thai.

I had a great time…

Last Sunday, I attended a workshop on Design for Delight by Jared M. Spool and Dana Chisnell as a part of UX Thailand Conference 2019.

A good design is usable, useful, and effective. A great design delights its users.

Throughout the day, Jared and Dana introduced a framework to bring delight to users and customers by introducing pleasure, flow, and meaning through your work.

Topics are posted in front of each room

I attended UXCamp for the first time last weekend. The “un-conference” was held in an unstructured, Bar-Camp format. Speakers sign up in the morning to propose their topics, pitch it to the big audience, and deliver talks to smaller groups in different rooms based on the newly created schedule. If you attend a talk that you don’t enjoy, you‘re encouraged to jump to the next one.

UXCamp DC is a one-day event with 24 45-minute sessions and workshops presented by thinkers and doers from all levels of experience. …

Image: rawpixel

Two years ago when I was working full-time at an IT consultancy, a particular email that caught my eye as I was winding down for the day:

“Application deadline is within 1 week. Don’t forget to submit your application to XYZ university.”

That’s when I realized I had no idea where to start. There was no way I could get my application ready in time— Guess I’ll have to wait until next year.

This is the story of how I embarked on my journey to the US for my Masters in Human Computer Interaction. …

Opening keynote at UXPA 2018

Back in March, I was scrolling through my news feed on LinkedIn when I stumbled upon a post about a student poster competition for UXPA 2018 in Puerto Rico. The first thought that came to my mind:

“Hey, why not? My team and I already have a capstone project we’re working on for school. If we are selected, this would be perfect for our graduation trip!”

I was happy when my team came to the same conclusion. A few weeks after submitting a short introduction to our project, we were delighted to be selected as one of the finalists and…

Vichita Jienjitlert

UX designer with a goal to bridge the gap between tech and people through design. Currently at Microsoft.

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