Often within a club, there is a need for group consensus. Although unity is integral to success, great ideas can be suppressed because they don’t align with the norm. The beauty of Atlas, being a new club, is that everyone’s opinions have significance. There is an executive board, but by no means do they make every decision. This equality creates a comfortable and productive working environment.

With different majors, the members of Atlas are able to provide a multitude of skill sets. There are students in Ross, able to offer their insights on business administration. There are students in computer science, able to offer their ability to write code. There are students in math, able to offer logical ways of thinking as well as their ability to work well with numbers. There’s also economics, engineering, statistics, etc. This combination allows students to become more well rounded by having exposure to different majors. Members are able to offer their knowledge, teach others, as well as learn on the way.

Due to everyone’s various backgrounds, members will often have the same thought but a different approach on how to go about the problem. This leads to finding the optimal solution when going through cases.

About the Author: Nina is a sophomore studying Industrial Operations Engineering with a possible minor in business.

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