This past semester I was a project manager at Atlas for a cybersecurity company in Ann Arbor. Despite being up to date with the newest technology and advancements in their industry making their services a cut above their competitors, the client was falling behind. Amazing product provided by the best in the field…it begs the question, why? Simple. Their marketing has not changed in years. Their social accounts were elementary, their Adwords were not optimized, and their search engine optimization was sub par. This problem is not unique to the client. Many companies, especially those that have been around for less than 10 years, often underutilized the power of modern marketing techniques like the use of social media and technology.

As a team we were tasked with helping our client address this problem. We decided to break our work into two stages. The first stage was were we looked at the client’s previous marketing efforts to understand what they have done before and if anything has been particularly successful. We met with our client to discuss and then moved to stage two, in which we made recommendations on total budgeting per social media platform, usage and opportunities on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, website optimization, Google adwords, search engine optimization, and how to maximize return on traditional marketing methods. The team created an outstanding marketing plan and as a team we presented to the company, including the CEO.

Not only did I feel that the team’s work was impactful, but the team also bonded very well and the members, myself included, got the opportunity to learn and apply a lot of new skills while helping a great company connect with more customers.

About the Author: Harpreet is a sophomore in the Ross Business School working towards a career in digital marketing

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