Creative & Professional Photographers in Nigeria.

A comprehensive & Growing list of creative & professional Visual Storytellers in Nigeria.

Victor Ofoegbu
Apr 9 · Unlisted

Why I’m Doing This.

Lately, I needed to work with a list of creative & professional photographers in Lagos & largely, Nigeria. I had to go through all the hard work to find, filter & curate them. No one loves hard work, that’s why I’m making it easier for everyone else who’ll need it.

NB: For all my Product Design folks, check out this link for more context.

Categories included:

  1. Portrait & Fashion
  2. Wedding & Events
  3. Babies & Families
  4. Travel & Documentary

This is a growing list. If you’re a photographer based in Nigeria, please reach out to me on Twitter & I’ll add you to the list.

1. Portrait & Fashion

Joseph Ogu-Egege. Instagram
Lex Ash. Instagram
Photograph_by_folarin. Instagram
Ifeadayo. Instagram
John Prinze. Instagram
Jenyo Oluwajenyo. Instagram
A.K Concept. Instagram
Mike Art. Instagram
Ari Labidi. Instagram
Manneshotit. Instagram
Idoko Negedu. Instagram
Niveus Pictures. Instagram
Damilola Orasakin. Instagram
Ellisoft. Instagram
Anantie Zugo. Instagram
Lanre Agboola. Instagram
Price Akachi. Instagram
Eru Kevwe. Instagram
Deborah NK. Instagram
Ayoola Duke. Instagram
Dominic. Instagram
Odunsi Oladimeji. Instagram
Bold Photos. Instagram
Sokream. Instagram
Shawn Photography. Instagram
Kola Carew. Instagram
Ola Dapo. Instagram
Tosin Josh. Instagram
Tommy Bokeh. Instagram
Ogege. Instagram
Yomi. Instagram
Catherlyn. Instagram
Abdulateef Olatunji. Instagram
Eam. Instagram
Wilson. Instagram
Nem Photography. Instagram
Danvico. Instagram

2. Weddings & Events

Khala. Instagram
Alexix El. Instagram
Olayiwola Victor Emmanuel. Instagram
Sojioni. Instagram
Sigian Studios. Instagram
Jide Dosunmu. Instagram
Tosin Gold. Instagram
Nasir’Ahmed. Instagram
Awoyemi Sunday. Instagram
Imagery Plus. Instagram
Charles Pogah. Instagram
Chinedu. Instagram

3. Documentary

Fisayo Agunbiade. Instagram
Ominivisuals. Instagram

4. Babies & Families

Promise Mbakara. Instagram
Bates Imagery. Instagram

Like I said earlier, this is a growing list. If you’d love to be added, feel free to reach me on Twitter & I’ll add you up right away.

If you found this helpful, you’ll need a more up to date & dynamic list of virtually all creative & Professional photographers in Nigeria, reach out to me on Twitter.

Thanks a lot for viewing, you can learn more about the project here.

Victor Ofoegbu

Written by

Product Designer. I write about my learnings in Design & Engineering.

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