The Journey

Victor Ofoegbu
Aug 7, 2017 · 4 min read

I’ve always been a traveler, a traveler with a destination not so clear. One of the greatest misfortunes I’ve had is my inability to see clearly, the end of the tunnel even when I seem to be there.

I’m a Nigerian, one of those super talented creatures waiting to pop, you probably must have heard of us.

On my last year’s birthday (April), I got out of school due to a serious conflict between students and the school management. It then dawned on me, what have I been doing with my life all these while.
I was away from school for about three months. During the first month, I was super useless, loitering about the neighborhood. I’m super cool at making friends, but it just wasn’t there anymore. I felt alone, I needed a purpose.

I took up my books to while away time. Let’s be truthful here, in our education system, no one reads to learn or for the love of it. We all read because we fear, fear of failing, fear of not graduating successfully and becoming relevant, fear of parents, fear of the future, fear of not being at the top.

During this period, one thing struck me..
I found out, I got escalated whenever I would read my FORTRAN Manual. Yea FORTRAN(77) language, in a University, in 2016. One of the reasons I frown at the educational system here in Nigeria. Little wonder we seem to do quite better when exposed to new horizons.

In no time, I found myself digging deep, I picked up the C language, downloaded Programming in C by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie. Well, believe me when I say “banana fell on me”. Men this was hard as hell, I couldn’t believe how complicated and entangled something could ever be. Well I’m a very easy going person, so I did not just stop reading it, I deleted the PDF file. WTF, you wanna kill me ?

A month later, the only thing I was holding unto was FORTRAN(77). What would I have done with that. I thought of a more easier end, picked up tutorialspoint’s Java PDF. This was cooler, easier and well if I read well, I could make android apps. I was done with the PDF in about 5 weeks. And I was now a bad ass java god, as you might have guessed, I had no computer.

Believe me when I say, I was happy, I became more fulfilled, I didn’t spend my holiday doing nothing. I utilized it learning, learning nothing, except that I used the word “Instances” more often in my conversations.

Fastforword…, school resumes, I pass the FORTRAN exam with a 96 mark and Plant Biology with a 45. I’m like what ? an A and a D ?. By the way, I’m a Animal and Environmental Biologist, currently chasing after a Bs.c at the University of port-harcourt. School resumes fully and I couldn’t cope with studies and reading java books. I stopped (sadly).

I wasn’t the same, I thought more logically, Biology was getting exciting, it was magical, not like the former me, I became less of a time waster and more of an analyst. People spotted the difference, but only a few people knew what had transpired. During this period, I attended a seminar on Biology and technology. That was all I needed to know where I fitted in.
I became motivated, but then, covered in the fear of falling off, not doing well in my exams, I just couldn’t risk splitting time.

It’s December, I’m left with a few free weeks, got blessed with the HP Elite book, I had goal:checkout what made the web tick. I picked up HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript books. They were much easier, I found it easy to swerve to JavaScript from Java. I picked up eloquent JavaScript, I love the hell outta that book.

I also decided to rearrange priorities, I missed classes to learn more about the web. And in July, I found about #100daysofcode, I quickly joined in, and men I’m transformed.

I can’t believe how much of a coder I am right now, I’ve picked up PHP and laravel recently, made some front-end projects and I must really confess, programmers are very intelligent people, I love meeting and exploring techies.

Being a programmer makes you positive, mentally productive, independent and more of a self learner.

I officially start my #301daysofcode challenge today, I’ll be tweeting and blogging about it here on medium.

I’m very very positive about the future, what I’ll learn, what will make me, what I’ll make and what I’ll face.

But one thing borders me, here in Nigeria, there’s a very large vacuum between starting to learn programming and becoming quite presentable.

With the help of a great friend and brother Presh Onyee , I recently organized a little summer boot camp to teach some students to code in my school, it’s a bad thing that few people know the value of the power to command a computer.

I’m also very happy with the top influencers in my country. Prosper Otemuyiwa, Christian Nwamba,’s CEO Mark Essien, Neo Ighodaro, Andela Nigeria, and a host of others. Keep the forLoop fire.

Today, on this platform, I use this medium to advocate for a forloopPH.

We need it!!, We need it!!, We need it now more than ever, we are ready for it. Prosper Otemuyiwa and friends, the whole PH community will soon be throwing tweets at you with the tag #forloopPH. We love you guys.

I’m Victor and I know nothing, not yet.

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Victor Ofoegbu

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Product Designer. I write about my learnings in Design & Engineering.

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