How to Balance the Need for Great Outdoor Furniture with a Family’s Budget

Keeping up With the Joneses — Or Whoever You Live Beside

American life is centered around the home. We enjoy spending time with our loved ones in our own spaces, and we love outdoor living almost as much. It’s a fact: people in the United States spend more on outdoor furniture than many other nations combined.

Another thing people in America pride themselves on is being at the forefront of trends. Whether it’s the new toy your kids must have or the latest smart phone your teenager just can’t live without, the average family spends a lot of time and money trying to keep up with their peers.

This is certainly true of our love of the lawn and garden. Combining our passion for outdoor comfort and décor with our need to be up to speed, it only makes sense that trends in the field of outdoor living spread like wildfire through American neighborhoods every year. So, when you’re choosing your outdoor patio furniture, the likelihood is that your first stop might be a neighbor’s backyard gathering, just to see what others are enjoying. After that, it’s time to catch up to the trend — or get ahead and set your own style!

Getting the Greatest Deals

Decorating your lawn and garden can be expensive, and with current trends leaning toward a feeling of transferring the comfort of the indoors outside, this is especially true. One option is to buy outdoor furniture online; many online retailers offer beautiful, practical furnishings for the interior and exterior, blending the line between inside and out seamlessly. Whether you’re looking to match your kitchen and the patio that leads off it or tie together your interior and exterior living areas, there are pieces to match any price point.

If you’re really looking to save some money, consider shopping an outdoor furniture sale. Retailers typically hold these at the beginning and end of outdoor living seasons and will host regular promotions centered around holiday themes. Additionally, this is a great time to consider last year’s styles or pieces that may not have been particularly popular sellers in your area. After all, outdoor furniture is designed to last for many years — annual styles are much less obvious when it’s serving your family a decade down the road! If you buy outdoor furniture online and shop these sales events, you may just find yourself with a yard full of gorgeous furnishings, unique to your neighborhood and bought for hundreds of dollars less than your neighbors paid for theirs. Now, that’s a deal!

It’s All About the Good Times

Ultimately, when you commit to purchasing patio or outdoor furniture you are looking forward to the enjoyment it will bring you and your family in years to come. No one wants to replace their furnishings every season, whether they are for the interior or outside of the home. Remember that while purchasing discount outdoor furniture can save you a bundle in the short-term, it’s always important to consider the potential longevity of the products and how well they will stand up to everyday wear and tear. Invest in sturdy, long-lasting and weather-resistant furnishings, and enjoy them with your loved ones year after year.