That ‘coffee’ habit…

We don’t do it here in India.

I mean we do start our day with a cup of coffee or tea, usually the latter, and keep having it during the course of the day, depending on the need or the habit.

But carrying a cup of coffee to work is not exactly a part of our culture.

I first saw people doing it in the United Kingdom. Let me make it clear that I am not saying it is a habit in that country. I am not qualified to say that.

However, that was not just another business trip. I was in the country for a considerable period of time.

Among the many things I observed during my stay was people carrying coffee to work, and even on their way back.

Gradually I picked up the habit.

That trip was more about starting early in the mornings and working till late evenings, and a cup of coffee, one way or both, kept me alert.

The habit stayed even when I returned home. I admit it has also got to do with the fact that I usually prefer coffee, over tea.

During my subsequent trips to Europe I noticed people following that ‘coffee habit.’

Then came a long tour of the United States, rather across the United States. As I straddled from California in the West to Florida in the South East to Ohio in the North to Washington, DC, everywhere I noticed the same thing: people going to work with Starbucks in hand.

Let me reiterate that I am not qualified to say this is a habit in the United States. I am just jotting down what I observed, or was inspired by.

These observations, to a large extent, has made me retain this ‘coffee habit’.

It is imperative here to say that I am not addicted to either coffee or tea.

On weekends (even weekdays), when I don’t have to go to work, I survive without having a single cup the whole day. There’s no craving for the same whatsoever, no servitude to nicotine.

In the working days that are a problem.

Even as I drive towards the office, my mind insists on a detour, to the nearest coffee shop and pick up a cappuccino — this one happens to be a personal favorite.

Sipping through the hot beverage ahead of work gives the impetus to last the whole day.

On days I can’t get one work suffers, well somewhat :)

I don’t know if it is a habit. If it is not, I must admit it is fast becoming one.

Not that am ashamed of this habit. Else I wouldn’t be writing this…