I’m like Really??

I’m like REALLY?? “What the heck?” As my 2 year old grandson says…

Ok… I seriously need to vent!!

This morning I was at the auto repair shop. The T.V. was on in the background, and I had my computer out working, just minding my own business, when a morning news show announced, ”Stay tuned for the latest in toning your body!”

Being a Lifestyle Consultant, Holistic Health Practitioner and Fitness Design Expert, I always have at least one ear tuned in to anything that claims to be health related, so of course my ear pricked up at this announcement, and I was curious to see what the latest and greatest new meal plan or exercise was on this years list….

BUT NO!! I was flabbergasted as “Latest & Greatest” was marketed … wondering honestly people… do we really fall for gimmicks like this? Thousands of $$ worth of gimmicks?

Let me tell you, my inner redhead was busting at the door of my mouth trying to escape and go on a rant!!

Wanna know what it is?

I thought so…

Laser fat shrinkage and toning…

YUP, you heard me…

So let me get this straight… this laser will shrink your fat cells while you lay on the table… notice you aren’t doing anything here..

and then

And then they go on to say it tones you up??? Excuse me???

The only way I know to tone up the body… is to use the muscles, that part of the body that tones up and gives definition, and MOVE THE BODY!!! WORK THE MUSCLES!!!

One company even advertises, “Over 3,000 customers use our service to remove fat, improve their self-image, and live healthier lives”. Seriously? This is going to make us healthier?

Folks, I hate to tell you but there is no quick fix for your body, there is no magic pill, no gimmick, gadget, diet, vibrating weight, there is no laying on the table and having your fat cells shrunk and…at the same time toning you up!!

Umm, wait a minute please… How does this create a healthier life? We don’t create a healthy life by spending thousands of $$$ to have a laser wand shrink out fat cells!!

To create a healthier life, we need to look at designing a healthy lifestyle, create a culture of healthy living for ourselves….

Lifestyle and culture creation, unique to each individual, based on healthy emotions, beliefs, thoughts, food and movement…. This my friends the key to “Healthy & Happy Ever After”

We need to replace those things that are making us unhappy and unhealthy with those things that nurture us, feed us… body, soul and spirit, with life giving energy.

Freedom, Food, Fitness…

That‘s the Alive, Fit & Free Way to a lasting, totally transforming, loving yourself, Creating Vibrant Health From the Inside Out approach to your “Healthy & Happy Ever After”!

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