Days In The Life Of A Youth Worker

Youth work is commonly understood as a tool for personal development, social integration and active citizenship of young people. Youth work is a ‘keyword’ for all kinds of activities with, for and by young people of a social, cultural, educational or political nature. It belongs to the domain of ‘out-of-school’ education, most commonly referred to as either non-formal or informal learning. The main objective of youth work is to create opportunities for young people to shape their own futures.


Pathways to Youth Work

So Pathways to Youth Work what can I say. A 3 week course that will enlighten you and give you a different out look on youth work . With the benefit of with working with people within the EU and learning their culture.

Week 1 — The Introduction

Lets start at the start. Once we arrived at Sleen we carried out the welcoming brief which included the following;

  • Course lay out and what to expect
  • Rules and what is expected of us
  • A get to know you session
  • Introduction to Dobble and Werewolf's

This first week was like a taster of what is to come in the two following training weeks. Showing the training styles that will be used, tools and techniques that can be adopted. Also a small part content of the course to give you a head start for the training weeks, which i found very helpful.

Culture, Fun and learning !
Never As It Seams (Young Lady Or Old Women)

The picture above, I feel is the best way to describe this course and youth work. This picture is more than one thing at an one time to different people.