Wondering what is going to happen,

Today ,or weeks to come , tensions are running High. with North Korea and the United States, wondering if we will go to war so many things from the Bible seemed as if they’re coming true. there is so many people killing others so many parents killing their own children ,it’s enough to make you sick. everywhere you look there’s just another sign ,is it a sign that Jesus is coming ,I hope so ,I can’t stand any more of the news that are read there’s nothing it’s never too good. Dear God have mercy on our souls. Earthquakes, tsunamis ,and floods ,forest fires,the signs are all here. I wonder how many people trust in GOD , So I wonder just how many people truly believe in God. And the none believers, how will they react to JESUS when he comes for us. Will it be to late for them , knowing that they are going to hell. I wish there could be peace on earth , I all so wish that no child would know hunger . Or to have parents that hurt there children, I wish every child new whats it feels like to be told that they are loved , and treated with respect. I suppose I wish for a lot of things. Things that will never come true.

As I lay down and ready for bed , ill keep each and everyone in my thoughts and prayers. Praying for only good things to all .