The Banality of Black Death
Eli Langley

This article is horrific racism. What racist fueled article ignores is the fact that the police responded to 911 calls from citizens in the area reporting a gun wielding person near a community center.

The police reacted to the call — they were activated by people in the community. And those people were 100% justified in their fear. No one knew this gun was a toy. Nor did the gun wielding person respond by dropping the gun when the police car approached and the officer got out — a law abiding citizen would drop a gun as they saw a cop car pull up ….

What is ignored in national media about our area is that a gun wielding 14 year old robbed a bank in Euclid, the city next door to Cleveland. And several children in area were killed in suspected gang violence — kids against kids. These crimes are going unsolved because no one will turn in the criminals. The city has held many meetings begging citizens to turn in the shooters.

So in fact given the history of juvenile gun violence in the area and the 911 calls (plural), the police officer reacted with a full thought process that that gun was a real threat in the vicinity of a community center full of kids. *****Change a few variables in this case and Cleveland could be on the front page of the news for a 12 year old entering a community center and shooting it up — another sad reality of youth school shootings of today.

This article fuels racism, ignore facts and requires nothing of the community or the parents of children to bring them up with a sense of right and wrong.

Get to the root — -

Why was a 12 year old outside alone with no parents to be found- that is unacceptable!!!

Why did a 12 year old have an air soft gun in public — unacceptable

Why did the 12 year old refuse to react to police — unacceptable

15 minutes before his death — who knew what this kid was doing? Who knew what was in his hand? Who cared ??????

In my mind a 12 year old should never engage in any activity that results in interaction with the police …. Get to the root.

That has nothing to do with the color of skin. …..and everything to do with family values.

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