Someday Never Comes

I once knew a couple who waited for some day. Sad to say, that day never came.

My aunt and uncle had many dreams. They dreamt of retiring to a lake, cruising across the open seas, visiting family far away, and opening their own antique shop.

My aunt and uncle were the ultimate dreamers.

But their dreams, they never came true. They remained untold stories, dusty visions stuck in their heads.

Days sped by, age caught up with time.

Illness erased imagination.

Doctors were a daily ritual.

Life grew old. Stale.

Sounds of television drowned fears, dimmed fantasies.

Life was quickly erased. For both.

Unfinished lives, gone too soon.

I wish I could have seen them fulfill their dreams. One dream. Any dream.

I’ve had dreams of my own, dreams I’ve let fade away. Dreams I never pursued. But now I know, life changes in an instant. A heartbeat. A breath.

I’m sorry to be so dismal, but I want you to know, you have to fight. Fight for your dreams. Live the life you’ve wanted to live. Do something you’ve always wanted to do.

Life is too short not to.

Don’t wait for someday.

Someday never comes.

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