Reflection Paper

Reflections on Writing Digitally: What I’ve Learned

In the beginning of the semester, I mainly knew how to just write essays, but now I also know how to write blog posts. While writing good essays did help in some blog posts, I learned different writing styles, such as a post reporting the findings of a survey. Although I learned different writing styles, it was also an obstacle to master the writing styles. For example, a post about deepening my analysis was difficult to properly write. My writing has definitely evolved from the course and developed a writing I can identify as my own. Though I still need to work on my sentence phrasing and proofreading, the skills I learned from ENG 214 will be beneficial for future writings I do in the future.

I personally believe blog post three is my best blog best as well as illustrates my strengths as a writer. My second best blog post would have to be post five. Initially the the blog post that was the most difficult to write for me was the first blog post because I didn’t know what writing style I should be writing. After I figured out the style I should write in, writing blog posts because easy. I was able to revise my first blog post and fix it from my worst post to one of my best posts. If I had to pick a post that I struggled with it would have to be post four due to the difficulty of the prompt. Overall, revision taught me to watch my sentence phrasing and be detailed with examples.

The topic I picked for my blog post connects to my major in the entertainment issue. As a design major who will aims to make videos and films in the future, entertainment is a factor I’ll most likely deal with in the future. Additionally, my Asian American culture class and Asian American studies class helped a lot with my topic. Because of those classes I became aware of what was going around that influenced me to write about it and in the future help promote awareness with my career. What I learned from ENG 214 I can use in the future to deem if a website if credible or not. When designing ads, it’s credibility and crediting sources is very, very, very important. Therefore with the skills I learned to deem credible or not, I can deem if websites will be credible use for my work.

The feedback Ms. Cox gave me for my posts were very helpful. I learned that I had a pronoun-antecedent problem that I never knew I had before. Ms. Cox’s feedback in general was very helpful by pointing out specific problems and overall opinion when most teachers leave some commentary and a general opinion at the end. If I were teaching ENG 214, the thing I would change is the website students used to post blog posts. Medium was an interesting website to learn about and use, but with the option of Wordpress, I personally think Wordpress is easier for students to express their pages. Though Medium is a more popular domain that I thought. Also, I wouldn’t have students subscribe to the New York Times because it can be accessed for free, not to mention there are plenty of other platforms. And on a side note, unsubscribing is quite the hassle to deal with. Finally, the most effective aspects of the course would most definitely be the individual feedbacks. It was very helpful for students to learn individually what they need to work on instead of teachers giving general feedback that don’t apply to everyone.

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