Festive Events: A Great Way To Reconnect

Image from Stocksnap.io

Festivals are a great opportunity to pop back into view with your past customers. You can also touch base with prospects and general business contacts you haven’t been in touch with for a while.

Solopreneurs and small businesses often have the unique privilege of knowing their clients individually. If you have this luxury, make festive communications a must-have in your marketing strategy.

This is a great chance to send thanks to people who have contributed
to your business. Everyone likes to be treasured and appreciated.

Don’t break the bank on lavish items. Being thoughtful and sincere goes a longer way than something flashy. Think of how you can weave in a theme that showcases your trade or product. Let your personality show!

Our own festive premiums double up as an advertisement of our creative daydreaming. From clockwise from top left: ‘Dress up your God of Prosperity’ red packets with beard stickers, ‘Brewtiful Christmas’ wrapping paper, ‘Snake & Ladders’ Chinese New Year board game, ‘Ransom for Rudolph’ antler headband.

Never grab something generic and off-the-shelf. It will end up being a waste of your efforts and get you a ‘meh’ instead of a ‘wow’.

  • You could send out items based on how a contact contributes to your business. For instance:
  • Goodie pack direct mailers — high value clients, close partners, referral sources
  • E-Greetings — general contacts
  • Hard copy, handwritten greeting cards — low-to-mid value clients, suppliers/vendors

Make sure you plan ahead for festive seasons every year, and have fun doing it! Remember, out of sight = out of mind!

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