The Invisible Mother
Kayt Molina

I have pointed out to my children many times over the years that I am a human with feelings, not just a machine to clean, cook, kiss injuries and provide. As they have grown older they have come to accept this inconvenient truth. Yes children are egocentric, I can well remember being exactly the same. They have to be taught not to be and that is down to mothers, to tell their children about their own needs and feelings, even when they seem disinterested, eventually as they mature it sinks in that mum and dad are fallible humans, just as deserving of patience and care as they are.

I recently lost my own mother. It was devastating and there were many years when I did not appreciate her either. My daughters are getting older and seeing me grieve my loss, struggle to keep up with things, also becoming aware that I am more than just mum but a person with a life of my own. I have been a stay at home mum until recently, I regret none of it and have enjoyed my role as mother and still do. We are only doormats to our children if we allow it. However at times we have to be patient as young children are not actually capable of recognising their parents as anything more than their carers, lacking the mental maturity to really comprehend feelings other than their own.

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