This is such nonsense.
Olatunji Jesutomisin

Thank you Olatunji for your comments. I so agree that this current obsession with the alleged victimization of ‘black’ people by ‘white people’ is problematic on a number of levels.

First its plain racist to define people by the color of their skin and just because a darker skinned person is making the comments it doesn’t make it any less racist! I am white, I was born that way, it wasn’t a choice. I come from a poor working class background but have worked hard to educate myself out of the ghetto. Being pale skinned didn’t magically turn my life around, but applying myself and not giving up had demonstrable results.

Rather unfashionably I do not feel that I owe any darker skinned person a debt because hundreds of years ago some people with the same skin color as me (not even relations of mine) had slaves who had dark skin? Its ridiculous!

You think white people have never suffered? You think dark skinned people have the monopoly on suffering? My own mother was a refugee in WW2, being pale skinned was no guarantee of survival.

Secondly it is disrespectful and insulting to the majority of black people who are happy, successful and living productive lives because it denies that they can and frequently do achieve anything without ‘white people’ giving them stuff? Isn’t that just plain insulting? I know many very successful dark skinned people, one sat opposite me at work right now. She would laugh at the notion that she needed a handout from a white person to succeed!

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