The Barefoot Movement Hits a Soft Spot for Golfer’s Feet

Ever Crammed your feet into a pair of golf shoes and then hit the links for a 4–5 hour round? Yeah, me too. Two companies have put the cabosh on the way we wear our golf shoes. No longer are they tight and uncomfortable, but lightweight and breathable, and your toes can wiggle. Enter the Barefoot Movement. Both FootJoy and TRUElinkswear have created unbelievably comfortable Zero-Drop golf shoes. The idea is that our feet are meant to be as natural in the shoe as possible, not propped up in the heel and squeezed together at the toe. Until the day I put on the FootJoy M Projects, I had never had a golf shoe fit my feet properly, and I’m a PGA Golf Professional. Since then, I have added the TRUElinks lyt//breath to the rotation and even sport those barefoot out here in the Phoenix heat. Transitioning to the Zero Drop shoe was easy for me, check both brands out and tell me what you think.

Best of Luck,

David Layman, PGA

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