Working Mothers Raise More Successful Daughters & Empathetic Sons: Harvard Study
Larry Kim

Great article, Larry. Thanks for posting. I’ve been a working mom since my now teenage daughters were babies. I was judged for not being a stay at home mom. My decision was based on knowing I’d be a better mom to my kids if I worked. It more of a balance for me and others didn’t understand that. I never felt guilty though. Lol I just knew that’s what worked for me and my family. The decision to work for pay really is a decision each parent needs to make for themselves and not what they think is expected. I love my decision and definitely spent more, and quality, time with them as a result. And they are very good students and athletes, with my oldest daughter who is a senior in high school, receiving an athletic scholarship in lacrosse. Smart and independent girls… I’m a very proud working mom.

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