Radically Generous Women Creating a New Economic Model

What happens when 500 women each commit $1000 along with access to their networks, their buying power as customers, and their expertise to help grow women-led businesses?

  • average revenue growth of the ventures — 30% in the first quarter
  • ventures getting exactly what they ask for, within 24 hours, from the network
  • 100% satisfaction with the personalized, guided development program that ventures access as part of their support
  • Activators (the women who contribute $1000) supporting one another, doing business together, becoming each others’ suppliers, marketers, and advisors

It’s just over a year since we launched a new model for financing, supporting and celebrating female entrepreneurs and the results, so far, are very encouraging.

If you are unsure why this is needed, read my post from last year : “While you are out there chasing Unicorns we are creating a new model”.

Since we launched studies like this have come forth sharing that women who are funded by women outperform ventures led by women that are only funded by men.

And communities have come to us to say they’d like to replicate the model in their communities. We are launching #radicalgenerosity in LA August 19, Colorado August 22 and San Francisco August 24. And our second round in Canada is live at www.SheEO.world.

We are democratizing venture capital.

SheEO.world is member-funded. Instead of a handful of partners making large singular investments ($100,000+), thousands of members commit to a $1100 annual membership fee, 90% of which will be loaned out to women-led ventures, paid back over five years, and reinvested perpetually. Our community is made up of entrepreneurs, executives, public leaders, and everyday citizens. Everyone is welcome.

We believe the new model of wealth creation starts with relationships.

Our ventures are supported with much more than financial capital. With access to thousands of radically generous women who act as advisors, early customers, suppliers, connectors, and trusted follow-on investors, our ventures are set up for immediate and accelerated growth. Our community is the heart of SheEO’s wealth generation.

As our community supports ventures in this rich ecosystem, they also support one another — creating a virtuous cycle of radical generosity that will lead to a radically new economy.

We believe in change through local communities and impact through global scale.

We start locally — bringing our community together through in-person events and conversation, introducing them to the women-led ventures who are growing the local economy. This intimate connection is how we seed a strong culture. But the power of SheEO is in connecting our communities globally. Imagine having a million radically generous women on your team, ready to help in an instant. What could we build? The sky’s the limit.

This is just the beginning: In 5 years we will be at one billion dollars loaned out annually. One million women as investors, advisors, and customers. And, ten thousand of the world’s best women-led ventures.

The ladies are coming. Are you in?

Join us at www.SheEO.World