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RE: Tell me about Intended Outcomes

Hello. Well, since I joined Medium shortly before they upgraded profiles to rank what appear to be finished pieces above little comments, I needed a way to keep my intentional work separate. Hence the name, “Intended Outcomes.” Though Medium has improved profiles, I still find a publication useful for keeping separate stats and making my intended works easier to find.

The first meaning of the name may not be as vital anymore, but it has always had others: the phrase is usually used in class lesson plans for “intended learning outcomes,” so it implies showing the results of my training in the humanities. It also implies that what I publish there I publish with intentionality, meaning with artistic goals and editing. The wording has cadence and alliteration, and it’s not being used for any other big brands, so I think it will lend itself to branding my work. It wasn’t supposed to be all poetry, but I can’t decide how much prose/essays to use; plus they didn’t get the same response when I was first gauging their value. It is CanLit, and I’m working to break into a conversation full of technophobes in denial that the market has moved online, and traditional publishing is no longer the only choice. Poetry is not lucrative, and old fashioned licensing practices have kept much of our literary history out of Canadian homes even though there is little money to hoard.

My long term goal will be to build an audience and monetize—niche writing suffers from lesser overhead costs online. I still need to build a lot of the puzzle pieces (email list, Patreon account, other projects, etc…) but at least I am publishing regularly. Juggling everything else that is worth more money is hard for me, so I promised myself I would publish every two weeks, and run a Twitter, and I can increase my frequency when I’m ready. When I’m having time management problems, I can just throw up an old poem and a picture, so it’s not hard for me to keep this commitment. Though I still don’t have all my marketing parts, I have learned an awful lot just by being on Medium… you are the average of the five people you spend the most of your time with. When I’m finally ready to add more workload, I’ll be able to use all the learning.

It will be my Medium anniversary on the second Tuesday of this month. Perhaps I will write a commemorative piece. I might even use a lot of material from this response. We’ll see.

Thank you for reading.

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