His dogs always come back
Russell Fox

This figure falls within my interests. As I became active on Twitter, I made one of my topics imprisoned activists and artists. I naturally discovered names in Iran, and the life stories of women activists fighting the then new regime in the ’80s. The women fighting today have a different battle on their hands now that it has been so long that the regime seems normalized. Your neighbour looks like Iran when it was freer, having left too soon to have a chance to absorb the changes; even though his new bride also seems to demonstrate a preference for pre-1979 Iran (like women who are still fighting today), the world is unwilling to acknowledge that. Pre ’80s Iran remains within the people, in spite of what the world claims.

Although I talk about Iranians in a detached, historical way, it’s worth observing your experience watching your neighbour as a real person rather than a Twitter personality. I have talked to real people, on Twitter, but with the way the human brain works, you have had a truer experience.