Truth will Out the “Experts”

Let me tell you a story last night Mr Funky Fairy (Rob) and I went to the Book Launch in London to see Gary Vaynerchuk in action. We were not disappointed he brought fire but more than that he brought truth.

The Truth is something we have all started to notice more and more is people calling themselves experts, consultants, gurus but they are re-purposing others content and a quick look into their digital history confirms they have never built anything, no business savvy to speak off, these are the copycats, the wannabees they charge for E Books made of others content. They charge for Snapchat courses when all this information is free on YouTube you just have to look.

So whose fault is it? the people who are too lazy to go find out the information and would rather pay for this or the copycats who churn out others work making a nice buck.

It coins the phrase are people that stupid that they don’t see? One thing I do know is that it is a small world and I am fed up with people putting in their bios they are social. I put one to the test recently on snapchat and tried to engage him in a conversation (he tells the world about building relationships with people) he replied to me with ;) that was it I laughed to myself at the irony of what he did. The reason why I am telling anyone who reads this is back to the first line above. Gary Vaynerchuk thank you we see these fakes too in our community. I am going to Social Media Marketing World in 3 weeks time I don’t know yet whether I will come back wiser or angrier original content everyone please or give people credit in your speeches if you are using their content. Rant over

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