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Health prevention is generally described as the combination of good health promotion and the prevention of illness and disease.

It seems that more focus for health prevention is put toward annual check-ups, vaccines, flu shots, tests and screenings. While they are targeted at prevention, there is so much more to the prevention story.

Annual check-ups, tests and screenings are part of your health routine care, and they also fall into the diagnostic health care space.

There is so much more to routine care, above and beyond doctor visits and screenings.

Your daily health — the way you eat and they…

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There is a tremendous amount of health fear in the world right now.

Even though we are told that most healthy people will recover from Covid-19 the same as they do from other viruses, too many healthy people are still fearful.

How are you protecting yourself?

Yes I wear masks. Yes I wash my hands often. Yes I use hand sanitizer when I am away from home. And, Yes, I am social distancing especially from those most vulnerable.

Those are all forms of protection.

But they don’t take the fear away.

That is not how I primarily protect myself.


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elevated emotion

Here’s a thought for the day.

A book has been sitting on my desk for months (I am slowly clearing the piles). I picked it up today and the section I had marked to read (and write about) was about the immune system. The book is ‘Becoming Supernatural’ by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Part of chapter 2 is talking about a study on the effect of elevated emotions on immune function. What was measured was immunoglobulin A (IgA), a protein marker for the strength of the immune system.

“IgA is an incredibly powerful chemical, one of the primary proteins responsible for…

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In honor of National Small Business week, sharing my version of the 8th Wonder of the World.

In short (and maybe this can be the entire article), if you desire owning a small business — for whatever reason from income to independence — you can do it in May, 2019.

Today we have opportunities that our parents didn’t have at our age, nor did anyone before them.

The barrier to entry into the world of owning your own small business was bigger than most people, until recently, could make happen.

Today the opportunity is wide, wide open — with the…

You can live younger longer by making the certain choices, every single day, that help you stay healthy, stay energized, don’t get sick, and enjoy that feeling of wellness as you grow older each year.

What is Living Younger Longer?

It’s the way to live where you continue to feel young even when your birthday comes around each year.

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why I live younger longer :)

It means growing older but not FEELING older.

It means you can still move around well and not be aching.

It means not getting all the illnesses that people get as they age.


It’s common knowledge now that most illnesses and diseases are preventable.

You don’t…

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Here’s a simple question.

Do you value your health?

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If you are in need of some resources to help you earn some extra income, or full time income, as an entrepreneur, using the internet, there is a fantastic entrepreneur resource available until July 14, 2018.

It includes the knowledge you need, in specific areas, to grow your business or to turn your hobby into income.

Vicki Z @ AntiAgingByDesign

Do you struggle with feeling strong and healthy and full of energy? I help you get on, and stay on a path to Live Younger Longer!

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