X Files from British India -Piśāchini — the world’s oldest Vampire

Piśāchini — the world’s oldest Vampire

In March 1847, which is the time period of the true incidents that follow, the British had not fully conquered the Indian subcontinent or established what later came to be known as the British Raj (rule). Captain Smith served Queen’s commission in the central provinces (present day state of Madhya Pradesh in central India) that had jungles infested with elephants, lions, and among the more exotic creatures — thugs — a murderous band of dacoits and conmen. The series of reports filed by the Captain with his Commanding Officer in the cantonment were categorised as classified in the archives of Whitehall. These archives were subsequently transferred to the British office of Commonwealth. For nearly 170 years they were simply forgotten; in the maze of files that stretch for miles below the ground.

As often is the case, a chance discovery by Ms. Susan Carol, a researcher, looking for something else altogether in the archives, unearthed the forgotten treasure trove. She termed her discovery as ‘X Files from British India’, after the popular American TV franchise. One of the first such reports filed by Captain Smith dealt with the tattoo of the snake princess and the curious case of the oldest vampire of the world…

(Facsimile of Captain Smith’s report’s first page. The image has been digitally restored.)


The Commanding Officer,

British Cantonment,

Central Province,



Please find attached my detailed reports on the tattoo of the snake Princess and the creature ‘Darky’ (known as Pishachini or Piśāchini in the local dialect). It is a half human-half animal creature that terrorised the locals in my jurisdiction over the period of 5 months. It sucked the blood out of its human victims and established a reign of terror that has no parallel in our experience here.

Yours faithfully,

Captain Roger J. Smith

Warrant Officer,

East India Company

Under my personal seal & signature

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