So tonight I decided to have a handful of people from my floor introduce themselves in their native language, host language or just another language that they have been studying. In the video they introduce themselves, tell me where they are from and describe what they are studying. These are the people I spend my free time with on campus. These are the people I see on a day to day basis. Here is a glimpse of my new international family.

In order of appearance:

Claudio Italy Italian

Ruben Germany German

James USA Swiss-German

Sa China Chinese

Amelia USA Danish

Fabio Italy Italian

Aparna Singapore Tamil

Abby USA Nepali

Mark Singapore Chinese

Aayush and Nikita India Hindi

Tom and Joe USA English

Kate USA Malay

Wei Ting China Chinese

Kelley USA German

Callum USA Japanese

Jojo China Chinese

HQian Malaysia Korean

Jefferson Brazil Portuguese

Jiyeon Korea Korean

Bianca USA Spanish

Matt USA French

Dmitri Greece Greek

Myself USA Spanish