Why Multi-Channel Marketing Works For All

What is multi-channel marketing and why does it work well for everyone? Find the answers to this and more in this short guide for multi-channel marketing.

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Do Multi-Channel Marketing Works For All?

Its name is a dead giveaway. Multi-channel marketing is the process of interacting with customers across different channels.

This process ties together your website, email, social media, direct mail and other marketing tools. Essentially, you want these tools to work in unison. When they do, you motivate customers to take action through their preferred channel.

In most instances, the action you want them to take is to make a purchase. But it could also be a download, participating in a contest or sharing and tagging a picture.

When you don’t integrate these tools, you’re missing out on potential sales. Consumers want to have the choice to interact with your company in the way they prefer.

So, whether it’s online or in person, it’s important that you provide them the option of choosing the medium they are comfortable with. Read on to learn more about multi-channel marketing and why you should be taking advantage of it.

Multi-channel for all industries

How does Multi-Channel Marketing Work?

This process works so well because it allows companies to open many doors for their audience. As mentioned above, consumers want choice.

In all honesty, buyers have more power than sellers. Marketers must adapt to the changing and growing needs of customers, or they will take their business elsewhere.

But, you can avoid that by diversifying your marketing base. Make sure you’re hitting the primary channels, and then some more. Be where your customers want you to be.

It is certainly more expensive to invest in this type of marketing plan, but, the reward is also higher. Here a video explaining how multi-channel works

Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing

An obvious advantage of this type of plan is increased awareness. When there are more channels out there for your customers, they’re going to bite.

This combined with consistent exposure maximizes your customer engagement. To make the most of this strategy, you need to be putting out new content regularly.

It takes several instances of exposure before a customer makes a purchase. But, by hitting them with several messages at once, you’re more likely to generate a response.

The consumer’s obvious benefit is that they’re able to communicate through their preferred means.

When they have the ability to make a purchase at their own convenience, it’s better for both the buyer and seller.

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Challenges to Multi-Channel Marketing

There are a few things you should be wary of when implementing this kind of plan. Most importantly, you have to target your marketing subjects well for this to work.

As we mentioned, customers are big on having choices. Unfortunately, you’re not usually their only choice. So, what you put out has to stick, so to speak.

They need to be able to resonate with your different communication techniques. Not only that, but they have to feel encouraged enough to take action after reading.

So, to combat this, you must stay on top of your game. You need to be consistent when putting out content, and it has to be high-quality content that the customers find meaningful.

Another thing to be aware of is that this form of marketing makes analytics work hard. It can be hard to pinpoint what sale came from what channel. This makes it difficult to track which channels are working well and which ones aren’t.

Luckily, there are some tools that make tracking easier. You can use different coupon codes on different channels. Also, you can create a separate landing page for the different types of digital sales.

How to Market Like a Pro

As with all marketing plans, you need an in-depth understanding of your audience. Also, you need to understand how they interact with you on different channels.

Do you get a ton of likes and follows on Instagram but can’t hit it off on Twitter? Do you still retain a ton of sales from direct mail ads but not digitally?

All of this will depend on who you’re selling to and their preferred means of communication. Your job is to create an experience that blends these means together.

Create a campaign that can be used on the different channels. A consistent customer experience will help you strengthen brand loyalty across all platforms.

Platform to Bring it all Together

A multi-channel marketing platform will help you tie the ins and outs together. Your platform should help support the needs of your campaign.

It should be able to oversee campaign management. This helps with segmentation and targeting an audience. Also, it’ll host your tools for workflow and execution.

It should provide the analytical tools you need to survey your performance. But, it shouldn’t just look at the past and present- it should provide predictions.

You need a software that can simplify content management and marketing automation. Finding the right platform for your company is critical to the campaign’s success.

Consolidate Everything You Know About Your Customer

You need to your merge what you know about your customers into one singular viewpoint. And then, target that ‘person’ extensively.

To create a single experience across channels, it’s important that they work together. It’s hard to maintain the same value across when you’re targetting different audiences.

You don’t need lots of data to be successful in this. Rather, you need data that is stronger. You need data that thoroughly breaks down who your customer is and what they’re looking for.

Also, keep in mind that these behaviors change. You have to adapt to your customer’s changing behaviour and intent, to avoid becoming obsolete.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

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