The dimensions according to Indian mythology

Today we are knowing that time is one of the dimension in our universe as per what theory of relativity circles around in 1900s , Scientist has figured it out that to make quantum mechanic work properly we need at least 9 spatial dimensions so that spring theory can be validated , they got stuck on this for past few decades because nobody able to figure it out what those dimension could be and does those dimensions are MAJOR or MINOR then the three dimensions we know “ A major dimension means we cannot see it by naked eye and that dimension is beyond the capability of human race , imagine this that u were an insect living in your 2 d DIMENSIONS and encircling around the globe , if somehow u able to reach antartica or artic poles u will find one of your friend who follow another path to the artic is now in front of you , now by prospective of 2D scale this cannot be a possibility because you both follows a straight line and two straight lines cannot meet anywhere , but if u living in 3 D you probably finds out that both of these insects runs a circle . The same can happen with Humans because we are living in 3d world we can only see 2D objects and 3 D world but not 4 D figures now just for a second imagine what would be like to see a 4 D object

I was curious and found on the internet how a person or species living in 4 D look like and then I was literally shocked, it was an image of a hand having every figures 3 times, this is indeed a hypothetical situation but just for one second I recalled 10 hands, heads as well as an unimaginable explanation of god FIGURES in our Hindu mythology, If anyone can able to understand my perspective then it means these Species who we resemble as our god can or cannot be from another dimension, and then as usual by curiosity I started searching the internet and read somewhere about 8, 64, kinds of dimensions mentioned in our Vedas, maybe their meaning is not that relevant as of now but still, there must be a correlation between the two. Also, an astonishing fact is that ancient greek mythology which has much in common with Hindu civilization also has some kind of description,

I further read in one article about the ancient king story who was waging a war in the universe and wanted to meet his family after 2 years of war, Lord Indra then said “ 1 year in the universe = 360 years on earth “ so this means u cannot meet your family. SO thus this means time dilation is well known in ancient times ???

I had also searched many stories and myths which has a story of a boy in ancient Greece when he was drowned in the sea and taken to the so-called heaven, when he came back he saw the entire world had changed, his family and relatives have died as well as his village name is no longer exist, such stories make me even more curious. A similar story surfaced in ancient Egyptian and Babylonian civilization too when king horous come to earth by his boat through the oceans, maybe they had landed on the ocean and then come to land

Hindu mythology defines fourteen worlds (not to be confused with planets) — seven higher worlds (heavens) and seven lower ones (underworlds). (The earth is considered the lowest of the seven higher worlds.) The higher worlds are the seven vyahrtis, viz. bhu, bhuvas, svar, mahas, janas, tapas, and satya (the world that is ruled by Brahma); and the lower ones (the “seven underworlds” or paatalas) are atala, vitala, sutala, rasaataala, talatala, mahaatala, paatala

Vishnu Purana said The region that extends from the earth to the sun, in which the Siddhas and other celestial beings move, is the atmospheric sphere (Bhuvar Loka) The 6th one viz. Bhuvar-Loka is identified with Earth’s atmosphere and sometimes with space which is in the immediate neighborhood of Earth. In other words, Bhuvarloka is the near-Earth space including Earth’s atmosphere. This region can re equated to Geospace, the space dominated by Earth’s magnetic field. The interval between the sun and Dhruva, extending fourteen hundred thousand leagues, is called by those who are acquainted with the system of the universe the heavenly sphere (Suvar Loka). Suvar-loka (alternatively Swar-loka) is described as regions of space beyond Bhuvarloka. Some description makes it a planet inhabited by the Devas with their king Indra. Some references make it equivalent to the Swarga (Biblical Heaven, Jannat as described in Quran) where good souls go (after death) to reap the benefits of their good Karma (good deeds). Some Puranic references equate Suvarloka to the Solar System. As per these the Suvar Loka consists of nine subdivisions or sectors called 1) Druva Mandala,2) Sani Mandala, 3) Brihaspati Mandala, 4) Angaraka Mandala, 5) Sukra Mandala, 6) Budha Mandala, 7) Nakshatra Mandala, 8) Chandra Mandala, 9) Surya Mandala.

As for the inhabitants of Suvar Loka, Human Beings are one amongst them. Of this, Surya Mandala is identified with the Sun and the solar neighborhood (space surrounding the Sun). ‘Surya’ means ‘Sun’. ‘Mandala’ means ‘region’ or ‘sector’. Chandra Mandala is the same as Moon and the lunar-neighborhood. Surya Mandala would then be the spherical-shell containing the apparent orbit of the Sun around Earth Surya Mandala is not the Mandala of the Sun but the projection of the Sun in the sky of Earth. Nakshatra Mandala is the region where the stars apparently appear. The word ‘Nakshatra’ is usually taken to mean ‘star’ but its actual meaning is ‘star-field visible in the night’. ‘Naktha’ means ‘night’, ‘Kshetra’ / ‘Kshetra’ means ‘field’. ‘Naksha’ means ‘map’. Thus Nakshatra is ‘stellar map’ or ‘starfield’ or ‘regions of stars’ visible in the night. Thus Nakshatra Mandala can be appropriately described as a large sphere surrounding the Geosphere. The stellar neighborhood of the Solar System is projected onto this sphere, which is otherwise perceived as the starry night sky or the stellar map (Nakshatra) by the observers on Earth. This Mandala is perceived by the ancients as outer to the Chandra Mandala but inner to the Mandalas of the Planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn).

The Mandalas of Budha, Sukra, Angaraka, Brihaspati, and Sani are the regions around the planets:- Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn respectively. An alternate view is that these are spherical shell regions in which the respective planet’s orbits are situated and these shells contain one after the other in the order of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Dhruva Mandala is the region related to the pole star (now Polaris).

As per many Puranas, the Satya Loka is the abode of Brahma, the God of Creation. Some Puranas describe Brahma as residing in a Cosmic Egg, the Egg of Brahma, or Brahmanda. The Universe indeed can be conceived as a Cosmic Egg. Some Puranas consider a Lotus which sprang from the navel of Vishnu, the primordial being, as the abode of Brahma. Due to its expansion from a Singularity (a hyper-massive black-hole of infinite mass and infinitesimal size), the Universe indeed looks like a lotus sprang from a navel, except that we need to consider it as a four-dimensional (4D) lotus rather than a three dimensional (3D) one. In this case ‘the navel of Vishnu’ can be equated to the Singularity from which our Universe has sprung up. Thus ‘Satya Loka’ is the same as ‘the Lotus that sprang from the navel’. It is the same as our ‘Universe’ itself. It is also the ‘Brahmanda’, the ‘Egg of Brahma’ in which Brahma resides. The etymology of the word ‘Vishnu’ means ‘that which expands (vis:- expand)’. The etymology of the word ‘Brahma’ means ‘that which is big or that which is expanded (Branch:- expand, grow, large)’. Both of these words (personified as Brahma and Vishnu) signifies the expansion of the Universe (a property inherent in the Universe). The inhabitants of this Cosmic World are mentioned as immortals (ie, they exist until the universe exists).

Going with the definition of ‘one Loka inside the other’, we could identify the worlds ‘below’ Earth (also known as the seven Patala Lokas) to be the same as the layers interior to the planet Earth. Humans, during their early stages of development indeed lived in caves that went as deep as 1 km in the Upper Crust (Atala Loka). Several anomalies and submerged alien space-crafts and submerged-cities are reported as per UFO literature, as situated underground, sometimes beneath the oceans, under the bottom of continental lakes, underground cave networks, etc. These are thus located in Atala (Upper Crust) and Vitala (Lower Crust). Several Puranas also mentions that Patala (which we equate to the Inner Core of Earth) contains several thousand hells burning with heat and hell-fire and boiling with molten iron which fits correctly with the modern-day description of Earth’s inner core, an ever-burning inferno with molten iron and other metals in the fluid state! A point to be noted here is that the Vedic Sanskrit scholars reuse terminologies used in one domain of knowledge in other domains of knowledge as well. Hence we see the terminologies used to denote the seven sub-terranean Lokas reused for denoting continental regions on the surface of Earth as well, such as the word Patala used to denote South America in many ancient texts. Atala would be Upper Crust. Vitala would be lower Crust. Sutala would be the Upper mantle. Rasatala would be Mantle. Mahatala would be Asthenosphere. Talatala would be Outer core. And Patala would be Inner core.

Though all these descriptions seems flawed to some and even I haven't taken them seriously till now , by latest discovery of the universe we do see some similarities in the past and the present , maybe one day we can resume intergalatic flights as theories had stated using ANTIMATTER matter inhilaation this can be possible to reach 30% of speed of light , further by using hydrogen bomb or nuclear bombs as rocket fuel we can easily minimize the cost of going to space , only thing is we need to figure it out how we can sustain the radioactivity thing , it is also said by many scientist that the universe was not like this before and Earth was close to other planets in the past , this means as universe is expanding maybe in those times some aliens had visited earth too , also wormholes are seen as a possibility in the centre of the galacies as now a recent 2020 novel prize awardee is given to 3 sceintest who finds the relation between black holes and the galaxy , so wormhole is a near future possibility and this means anywhere in our solar system too we had a wornholes not visible to us or maybe near earth early past places or in another dimension we cannot able to see .

I am more worried about the chances of milky way galaxy collision with the armadillo galaxy in the next 1 billion or million years this means we are then doomed to be too much far from the milky way galaxy and thus will never ever able to find the species living in milky way in our future



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