Chasing dreams

Sometimes you just have a few weird dreams.
They are about a scene that is so awkward and scary that shall not ever happen in your life.
They are about several persons that you thought they have been forgotten. Suddenly. Appear in your life. Through your dreams. Again.
You just cannot rationalize the reason why they pass by in your dreams. You never think of them lately. You do not miss them. Anymore.
But does it even matter to know why?
Properly it doesn’t.
So instead, you try bringing the dreams into reality by contacting them.
Just want to say kinda “Hey, I know it’s awkward but I dreamt about you last night”
Sounds like a pickup line. But hopefully the other party doesn’t get it that way.
However, to get into that phase, you need to greet them first.
Simply just a shout-out, or a question asking how they are doing.
You thought that you were loud enough.
All being done via whatever variation of sms. Whatsapp. Facebook Message…
As if your shout-out were featured in a mute movie.
You do get replied. You do get ignored.
By getting ignored. Means that you saw the “read” and silence. Ever since.
You started to hate what is called “technology convenience”
And you started to blame your brain for wiring such stupid dreams.
To make you feel like a fool.

You. Suddenly. Vaguely. Realize. That. You. Have. Not. Created. Any. New. Memories. Lately.
Or happy memories to be more precise.
Of course, by then, old memories or old people will re-enter. If not by will, then by chance. As if they were always at the back of your mind. As if they were never leaving.